Welcome to Tranznorth.  If you need temperature controlled transport services from anywhere to Northland – or from Northland to anywhere, you have come to the right place.  We specialise in frozen, chilled and ambient transport, – if it’s food, or cold, we can offer the transport services you need.  Our modern fleet of Euro5 trucks using state of the art fibreglass bodies and refrigeration systems run daily between Auckland and the North, including Kaitaia.   As you can see from our delivery schedule we service most towns in Northland five or six days per week.

We are committed to a sustainable and safe service, and offer a world class DIFOTIS (delivery in full on time, in specification).  We use technology to improve service and productivity, such as E-road, SOG (sign-on-glass) and Sapphire, a leading consignment management system.  This technology assists our great team of people to achieve a DIFOTIS well above 99%.  In transport, anything better than 97% DIFOTIS is excellent, and Tranznorth averages significantly better than that benchmark.

Technology is only a tool, our main asset is our experienced, competent people.  Like every human, we can make mistakes, but our approach is to remedy our customers’ (and consignees’) problem first, then work out what we need to learn to prevent it happening again.  This is the approach whether the mistake be ours or our customers, – resolve the problem first, then do a post mortem.

Our approach to innovation is that it needs to be driven by customers, or by productivity.  An example of something that achieves both is electronic POD’s, which we can make available to you in real time.  This is efficient for us as it saves us having a person finding and sending POD’s, and it gives a customer the ability to see a delivery POD as soon as it is made, which saves productivity at that end as well.

So, whether you need one carton of frozen berries to get from Kaitaia to Invercargill, or 20 pallets of avocados to pass safely through a fruit fly zone to export depots in Auckland or Tauranga – call Tranznorth.  If you choose Tranznorth, you are choosing the best.