Produce is a pressure game.  Highly time sensitive, with relatively small windows for harvest, packing, transport and sale.  If export fruit spends a few hours at the wrong temperatures, lots of value can be lost, either directly, or due to reputation and brand damage in export markets.  Minimal exposure to potential pests such as fruit fly or other more established risks, is critical to achieving the best result for the grower, market and packhouse.  The paperwork requirements must be adhered to.  Tranznorth’s experience with export consignments means we can stand behind our service offer.  If you need it to be collected, stored, transported and delivered at the right time, temperature, and documentation, then talk to our team.  Examples of produce we service includes avocados and kiwifruit, persimmons, blueberries, various pre-packed salads and herbs.

Standard chilled transport is the mainstay of our operation.  Fibreglass and foam bodies, with Carrier or Thermo-king refrigeration systems are proven as the best way of maintaining stable temperatures.  Product shelf life is affected by variations in temperature, as well as the actual average temperature.  Research suggests that for every degree of variance – warmer or colder, 1 day of shelf life can be lost.  This is where the right gear makes such a difference.  Some variance in the air temperature inside the body is difficult to avoid, as door openings can allow ambient air to enter.  But over-spec fridge units rapidly resolve any such issues.  We encourage customers to use temperature loggers, and to compare our performance with that of our competitors.

Examples of chilled product that we service include meat and smallgoods, dairy, beverages, fresh seafood such as oysters, poultry, salmon, petfood, mussels, cheese, yoghurt, ham, sandwiches, eggs.