FAF (Fuel Adjustment Factor)

The last six+ months of applicable FAF rates are summarised below.  Note that FAF rates do not get lower than 0%.  This is partly related to the historical relationship between fuel prices and exchange rates and non-fuel inflationary pressures.  If fuel costs fall below base rates for a sustained period, not offset by corresponding non-fuel costs, then rates can be adjusted accordingly.

We also provide a link here to access the MBIE fuel cost data.  This is the rate used in calculating FAF.  The formula is partly historic, and partly looks at the gradient and momentum of change to build in an expectation level for the next four week period.  If the cost of fuel dramatically rises or falls during a month we may adjust it within the period.

From Date

From Date To Date FAF Rate
1 Apr 2021 30 Apr 2021 6.33%
1 May 2021 31 May 2021 6.91%
1 Jun 2021 30 Jun 2021 7.65%
1 Jul 2021 31 Aug 2021 8.65%
1 Sep 2021 30 Sep 2021 9.25%
1 Oct 2021 31 Oct 2021 10.23%
1 Nov 2021 30 Nov 2021 13.42%
1 Dec 2021   14.50%


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