Tranznorth was born with one truck in 1996, initially servicing bread runs before branching out into other chilled and frozen services.   One thing led to another, and we now operate a modern fleet of six wheelers to service Northland, with truck and trailer or semi-trailer combinations running linehaul between Auckland and Whangarei.  Two things haven’t changed, and one is the local family ownership.  The other is a commitment to doing a job properly.

Customers sometimes ask us why we don’t run many curtain sider units.  Curtain siders are quicker to load/unload but are not capable of running frozen, or of maintaining stable temperatures whilst providing an environment sealed from warm ambient air, – or pests like fruit fly.  Hence, we operate mainly Fairfax fibreglass bodies, with dual temp fridge units and insulated bulkheads between temperature zones.  These are significantly more valuable to purchase and operate than curtainsiders, but we believe the customer outcomes are similarly better.  If temperature stability and food safety are important to you – choose Tranznorth.

Products and customer types we service include:

  • Meat and smallgoods
  • eggs
  • supermarkets
  • kiwifruit
  • avocados
  • produce
  • berries
  • milk and dairy
  • pies
  • desserts
  • butchers
  • wholesalers
  • sandwiches
  • medical
  • apiary
  • bees
  • honey
  • organics
  • ice cream
  • poultry
  • berries
  • seafood
  • restaurants
  • schools and charities
  • cakes
  • ice sculptures
  • provedores
  • airports
  • KFC
  • Cafes
  • Big Chill
  • Turners and Growers
  • hospitals
  • Polytechs
  • Councils
  • yachts
  • Events
  • Organics
  • Oysters
  • cheese
  • yoghurt
  • bakeries, pastry.
  • Milk


Systems we use to monitor, manage and improve service include the following:

Operator Rating System (ORS) safety rating as produced by NZTA – Tranznorth is a five star operator, indicating a safe and well maintained fleet.

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ERoad provides GPS tracking of all vehicles, including speed, braking/acceleration and location. It also automates the purchase of RUC’s so we are always compliant. We also run electronic driver logbooks through Eroad. Overall ERoad helps us remain safe and efficient.

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Speed Limiting:  The Tranznorth fleet is speed limited for open road speeds.  One day – perhaps not too far away – technology will enable us to limit speeds in <90km/hour zones, but at this stage we manually monitor and manage this through ERoad, to ensure the safety of our team and other road users.  We have strong processes and incentives around managing speeds, braking and acceleration in all speed zones, mainly for health and safety but also because 5% extra speed uses 10% extra fuel.

Tranznorth is an audited export VDF operator (vehicle docking facility, under the Regulated Control Scheme) enabling us to transport export product, including animal, dairy and produce.

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ACC audited to Tertiary level.  This verifies our commitment to avoiding injury and harm, and to sound rehabilitative systems.

SOG (sign on glass) technology enables our driving team to capture POD’s (proof of delivery) electronically.  If we have your email address your driver can also email you an ETA and a consignment summary, so you know what you will be receiving and when.  The devices also help the drivers remain efficient and safe, using routing maps and access to our other depot systems.

Sustainability:  Our fleet meets the stringent Euro 4 emissions standard, and is >90% Euro 5 (  compliant, indicating our commitment to minimising risk to our environment.  We aim to be 100% Euro five compliant within 18 months.   We are committed to using non-greenhouse gas refrigerants.

DIFOTIS (delivery in full, on time, in specification) is a measure of how accurately we manage consignments to get them to where they need to be, when they need to be, at the right temperature.   To our knowledge, Mainfreight is the only other transport services company that report their DIFOT.  Mainfreights business has international multi-branch complexity, but in general does not have the added complexity of temperature management.  Their numbers are not directly comparable, but are the only comparison we have.  (Inwards consignments per claim used for Mainfreight, published for the period closest to the quarter ending, Tranznorth numbers are total consignments/number of claims).

On the page below we summarise our DIFOTIS as measured by claims per consignment, and compare that with Mainfreights figures for context.  We work hard to maintain this standard and are always looking to make further gains, as it improves the service offer and also our productivity.  (Table below that we populate quarterly).

QTR ending Tranznorth consignments/claim Mainfreight
30-9-18 1477


31-3-19 1513


30-9-19 1648